24 before 25

June 15, 2009

Inspired by Em (and the list I made last November, toward which I made pathetic progress). 24 things to do before I turn 25:

  1. expect less
  2. take a letterpress class
  3. apply for opportunities that seem out of reach
  4. spend more time walking/jogging/yoga-ing
  5. simplify
  6. finish one of my writing projects
  7. do more acts of selfless kindness
  8. go to vegas
  9. be patient
  10. sew something
  11. keep reading
  12. pray
  13. get a dog
  14. leave a note in a random bookstore or library book
  15. host fabulous parties
  16. be thankful
  17. volunteer
  18. appreciate the everyday
  19. have an adventure
  20. redeem hurtful & negative things for good
  21. give generously
  22. be more fearless
  23. remember that having an open heart is ALWAYS worth it
  24. keep getting better at being myself

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