Saying no

November 12, 2010

My mom, who always knows what I need to hear, sent me ten tips for saying no last week. They are courtesy of Poppy Smith and they are now living on the bulletin board in my office as a constant checklist for every time I answer the phone, read through an email, or consider a new opportunity.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does this request make my life more frantic or more fulfilled?
  2. Will this negatively impact my marriage or family?
  3. Is this something God is asking me to do?
  4. What are my gifts and strengths? Does this fit with them?
  5. Am I doing this so I will be liked, admired, or included?
  6. Do I feel bad if I don’t step in? Why is this?
  7. What good things will be sacrificed if I agree to do this?
  8. How can I say “No?” What phrases work for me? (Thank you for asking me but I have plans; already committed; my plate is full)
  9. Which priorities and values matter most to me?
  10. What changes are needed so I live out my beliefs?

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  1. You are great. And I can certainly see how this is a must on your bulletin board-you are sooooo helpful to everyone (and of course that partnered with being overly gifted doesn’t make it easy to say “no”).
    Luvs. Anna N

  2. I’ve had this list (something similar) given to me during the course of my life, too, Allie.

    I’ve also been reminded that the word “No” is a complete sentence. :)

    Thank you for this one! Love the reminder. I’ll print it out and post it on my growing to-do list, but perhaps shrinking to-do list now that we’re going to meet!!! :)

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