April 11, 2012

The front of our house is lined with giant, gorgeous hibiscus trees. We moved in during the summer, in late July, near the end of the blooming season; two of the trees were still full of blossoms, but the others were just bundles of green, and as we transitioned into the fall, they all lost their blooms.

Except for one little corner — the back corner of the tree at the corner of the house, right behind my reading nook in the living room. That corner had a small cluster of blossoms that faced the window all through the winter. There was always at least one flower nestled back in that corner. It felt like God had placed it there just for me, as a reminder that spring — which I so love — would come. That he would again make all things new.

Now that all of the trees are covered with buds (really, covered — every single stem has a bud at the end of it), I get to watch the blossoms spread from my secret corner to the rest of the trees. Spring!

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