Twenty-eight before twenty-nine

January 7, 2013

In lieu of new year’s resolutions, I make a yearly life list every year on my birthday — a list of items equal in number to my years, composed of things to accomplish before my next birthday. (See also: 27, 26, 25, 24, and 23.) I could tell you a lot of things that are amazing and powerful and beautiful about this practice. But what’s most incredible is the way that a list of things of your own choosing becomes all kinds of things you could never expect.

Here’s to being 28. Here’s to living in anticipation of the unexpected.

  1. re-read 10 of my favorite books*
  2. take one half-day digital sabbath each month
  3. make an advent calendar
  4. get back to swimming 500 yards in under 7 minutes and a mile under 30 minutes
  5. complete my ebook
  6. memorize one chapter of a Pauline letter and/or one psalm
  7. be/seek/practice light, my theme word for 2012. Be light to others. Pursue light in daily life. Live a lighter, more open, less burdened life. And document it through the One Little Word workshop.
  8. write at least one letter or card of encouragement every month to someone I don’t encourage regularly
  9. invite three people for dinner who have never been in our home before
  10. leave the continental US
  11. design and implement three more responsive websites
  12. try 26 new recipes, including no fewer than 12 new desserts*
  13. create a prayer discipline
  14. go to a movie in the park
  15. start taking guitar lessons**
  16. watch all the movies in our library that I haven’t seen
  17. eat a vegetable and/or fruit I’ve never had before*
  18. love in deed and in truth
  19. complete and launch the new website project that I started in August of last year
  20. visit 10 new Portland restaurants and shops*
  21. do a cleanse
  22. create something that is tangible and beautiful
  23. start at least one conversation a day with a story of gratitude or a story about what God’s doing in my life
  24. go on a beer tasting tour, brew cycle, etc.
  25. do something musical (ideas include: singing Christmas tree, local theatre, worship night, Christmas caroling)
  26. make a more serious attempt to learn calligraphy
  27. give generously, of both time and money*
  28. take at least one four-day weekend every month**

* = these items appear on my list, in some form, every year
** = these items were carried over from or inspired by items from last year because, well, they didn’t get done

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  1. amazing list Allie! your “28” is going to be beautiful, I just know it.

  2. Happy birthday, Allie! I hope your next year is amazing. I love your list. Especially the “do something musical” one because I think about that myself.

  3. Beautiful list, Allie!
    I’ve been realizing more and more lately that the more I set really specific intentions, and work towards goals in little steps all the time, the more wonderful things happen in life. It is so inspiring to see you do the same thing, in just a different form!

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