Three months

September 13, 2014

Dear Eva,

I was looking through your photos this week, and I realized that I can’t remember the last time you fell asleep on my chest. In fact, you rarely sleep on me at all these days. Now I take those snuggles wherever I can get them. Like a few mornings ago, after you woke up for your wee-hours meal, when we cuddled on the couch for an hour while you slept and I listened to you making all of your sleeping noises. Or late last week when you weren’t feeling well and fell asleep in my arms. These moments are fewer and farther between with each passing day. So even if they’re at 2 a.m. when I’m exhausted, I try to cherish every one of them.

Your new favorite thing is sitting up. You sit in your bumbo chair and watch me make meals in the kitchen or fold laundry in your room. You sit on my lap with your back against me and pull yourself up by grabbing onto my hands and flexing those little arm muscles. And you sit in your bouncy chair and kick wildly, bouncing (and amusing) yourself quite happily. You don’t have a real laugh quite yet, but your squeaky giggles usually come when you’re in the bouncy chair.

You still don’t love tummy time, but you’re getting quite good at doing a mini push-up — and every time you do it, your face lights up in a giant smile, either because you’re pleased with yourself or because you’re so relieved that your face isn’t on the floor anymore.

You’ve also already mastered the pouty lip. You use it to express dislike, disapproval, or unhappiness that isn’t quite worth crying over (at least not yet). Like whenever I turn on classical music, or when you’re tired of bouncing yourself in your chair and want me to bounce you instead — out comes the lip! And let’s be honest. The lip gets what it wants.

Because you can’t seem to catch a break, you already started working on teeth this month, and you had your Wonder Week two weeks early. I’m sure we won’t see teeth for many months yet, but it has motivated you to figure out how to put all kinds of things in your mouth for chewing. My fingers, your fingers, Sophie the Giraffe, and any kind of fabric (ruffles on your clothes, car seat straps, your swaddle blanket, the bathtime towel) seem to be your favorites. You’ve also located your thumbs this month and find them particularly good for chewing.

You went on your first two camping trips this month, and we’ve started calling you Camp Baby because you loved it, especially the second time. You slept better in our tent than you do at home, and you napped all over the place. Those cooler temperatures and fresh mountain air must’ve calmed your spirit — or you’re just an adventurer at heart.

All of a sudden — seemingly overnight — you stopped being the string bean who needs her clothes altered. You chunked up for just a few days in preparation to grow dramatically longer, so you’re still more slender than most, but you’re starting to get those little thigh rolls and squishy cheeks that we’ve all been waiting for. And at three months, you can finally wear all of your 0-3 month clothes — although now that they come close to fitting you properly, I can barely snap most of them because they’re too short.

Even when things seem the same, they’re changing all the time. Other than Sophie, you still don’t have much interest in toys — but you look at them more intently than before. You still don’t care much about the books I read to you — but now, every once in awhile, I notice you watching the pages as they turn. You don’t sleep the 11-plus hour night that some say you should — but there are many days when you don’t fight your naps as much as before.

If I could go back in time, I would do a little less Baby Whisperer and a lot less Baby Wise and spend a lot more time just enjoying you. I know we’ve had our challenges, and I know that all our hard work will pay off — but as with most things, simply creating space and listening are of greater value than much of the rest. The days are long but the years are short. I already believe this to be true.

You are a newborn no longer, sweet baby girl. Happy three month birthday.

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  1. This is so beautiful! I love how much you have written out here. In three months, you won’t remember half of it (at least i don’t!). You’ve inspired me to do something like this, so so valuable. She is precious and beautiful. It is so true the days are long but the years are short! <3

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