Nine months

March 13, 2015

Dear Eva,

Nine months. How did that happen?




You still aren’t formally crawling, but you’ve become quite a proficient scooter. Your favorite pastime this month is scooting across the bedroom floor to the electrical outlet, pulling out the night light, and then trying desperately to pull the cover out of the other outlet.



You’ve also decided that not everything is for chewing — which is impressive considering that you’re pushing four top teeth out all at the same time right now. Lots of things are for hitting against each other or against the floor. Lots of other things are for passing from one hand to the other or turning over and over in your hands, feeling every little bump and groove. Some things are for taking out of their container and throwing behind you. And just a few things are just for holding (and never, ever letting go).



What everything is meant for, though, is grabbing — especially things that aren’t yours. Remotes and keys are best, followed closely by anything plugged in to electricity; next up is anything metal, and then shoelaces, zipper pulls, and shirt buttons. If none of these are available, anything in arm’s reach will do, but heavy or breakable items are always preferred.



Your growth curve continues to look more like a vertical line than a curve. You are now 98th percentile for weight (23.5 pounds) and off the charts altogether for height (30 inches). You take after your mama in this, I’m sorry to say, but the good news is that you’ll never have to worry about your maxi skirts being too long.




Your love of food has something to do with it too, I’m sure. Yogurt, meat, avocado, and applesauce continue to be favorites, but you also found a love for soup this month, and you’ll eat just about anything we give you, including things that are so spicy they make your eyes water. You’ve learned to use a straw, you can eat pouches without a spoon, and you’re figuring out how to get puffs out of the travel cup. Essentially, you just want to eat all the things and eat them as efficiently as possible. This is one thing that we hope you never grow out of.


Your vocabulary is expanding all the time. There are a number of words we think you understand, and a few that you seem to intentionally say at the right time. You’ve also learned how to make fun noises by moving your hand against your mouth, imitating a game that we have all played with you since you were born. One of the things I look forward to most is the day you can start telling me your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I look at you and can tell you’re having so many thoughts and I wish I knew what they were.



As the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, I’m reminded daily that soon it will be summer and you will be a year old and toddlerhood will begin. But for now, you are still my baby girl, and in those moments when you unexpectedly rest your head against my chest when I’m holding you, it feels like part of you will be forever.




Happy nine month birthday, sweet baby girl.


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