Thirty before thirty-one

January 5, 2015

Last year, I wrote about using systems to accomplish goals(See also: 2827262524, and 23.) And I still believe that systems are central to making progress on your goals and doing life on purpose.

But I also have to be real: this hasn’t been a good year for systems, lists, goals, or expectations. I knew my systems would need to change, but this year didn’t just necessitate different systems; it turned my systems completely upside down, kicked them around for a bit, and then spun them again and again like a kid getting ready for his turn to pin the tail on the donkey.

With that in mind, this list has a different feel than its predecessors. There’s less of an emphasis on new systems and more of an emphasis on reclaiming systems that existed before June 13, 2014. There’s also fundamentally less of a do new things! vibe and more of a yes, keep going direction. Because if there’s one thing I learned in 2014, it’s that you can’t say (or hear) you’re doing a good job, just keep on keeping on too many times or too often. This simple affirmation is the heart’s cry of motherhood.

  1. pursue faithfulness, my word for 2015. This is the word God gave me (with complete, indisputable clarity) and is definitely not the word I wanted (which is another post for another time). But if last year was about God’s faithfulness in making things new, this year is about his call to be faithful with what he has entrusted to me — whatever that means, wherever it takes me.
  2. make brunch at least twice a month (ideally every weekend)
  3. get back into my pre-baby workout rhythm, going to the gym 3-4 times each week (in preparation for Blue Lake in June and possibly the Open Water Swim Series in May… and if I completely lose my mind, the Portland Bridge Swim in July)
  4. get back into the husband-lunch-making habit, and make him something out of the ordinary at least once a week
  5. create a new meal planning system
  6. find a new devotions rhythm
  7. go to a movie or concert in the park
  8. catch up on all of my magazines and start reading new issues in the month they arrive
  9. continue writing monthly letters to Eva through her first birthday (and ideally for another year)
  10. once a week, purchase and prepare a cut of meat from our local butcher
  11. give generously of both time and money
  12. open one bottle of nicer ($25+) and/or special (purchased at the winery, received as a gift, etc.) wine from our cellar each month — with occasion or without
  13. try three “mommy and me” classes or activities (yoga, music, storytelling at the library, fitness in the park, swim lessons, meetup groups, etc.)
  14. make bread at least once a month (preferably yeast bread, but quick breads count too, as do from-scratch doughs like cinnamon rolls)
  15. host our annual Academy Awards party
  16. take the sabbath seriously (and prepare/plan ahead in order to sabbath well)
  17. do a turkey trot
  18. love in deed and in truth
  19. make an advent calendar (I bought myself a kit so this will actually get done after 5 years on my list)
  20. create a prototype of one of the physical products I hope to manufacture one day
  21. do something musical (possibly: learn to competently play no fewer than three songs on the guitar)
  22. get back to having regular date nights with my husband
  23. take Eva to Zoo Lights for the first time
  24. buy coffee for a stranger
  25. try two new Portland restaurants that I have tagged as “fancy” on Yelp
  26. stay in the habit of taking photos of Eva with the SLR at least twice a week
  27. slow down
  28. pray for my enemies
  29. have eyes to see good gifts
  30. hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection

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  1. I love that you said “whatever that means, wherever it takes me” about your word for 2015. If we pin down definitions this soon, how are we to be open to what’s ahead… And even what is happening in every moment?

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