Do. Live. Be. On purpose.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot on your plate.

There’s a lot of running and juggling and scrambling and hustling. You always feel just a little behind, just a little out of balance, stretched just a little too thin.

You also have a lot of ideas, desires, dreams. Projects you want to work on. Self-care you want to do. Goals you want to press into.

Your life feels very big and very full.

It’s rich and beautiful and incredibly blessed. But it’s also humbling and overwhelming and incredibly hard.

You want to do things well. You want to do life well. Gracefully. Joyfully. Purposefully.

You want to create space — not only for things that are perpetually relegated to the “someday” list, but also just for margin. Space to connect, or to disconnect, or to be heard, or to listen. You don’t want to miss the little (or not-so-little) things that only surface in the spacious quiet.

You’re a force of nature, doing amazing work in the world, in your home, in your circle of influence.

Maybe you have a business around creating for others. You could be a designer, writer, photographer, illustrator, brand coach, artisan, or other creative professional. Your work is all about communicating the ideas of others — be it visually, in writing, or otherwise. But you long for time to create for yourself — and care for yourself. You have lots of ideas but can’t seem to carve out time to work on them because you’re too busy working for others — or because you, like me, are the quintessential perfectionist innovator: an endless ticker tape of engrossing new ideas, irresistible refinements to old ideas, and exciting additions to in-progress ideas.

Perhaps you’re a creative solopreneur seeking (just a little bit of) predictability. You don’t want every day to look the same, but you would like to find some kind of rhythm, to create ease around your workflow and project schedule (and life as a whole). And while you’re at it, you’d love to have a better handle on your projects — and to stop feeling like things are slipping through the cracks.

Or maybe it feels like someone (or everyone) else has more say in your daily life than you do. You’re an at-home mom of young children and it feels like every time you start to get things under control, everything changes. You’re a full-time employee who wants more — more than the status quo, more than the daily grind, more than fulfilling someone else’s vision. Or you’re a mom and a full-time employee and your days feel a bit like juggling a hundred balls of different sizes. That are on fire. And yelling at you.

Maybe you envision a life that’s smaller and quieter but don’t know how to manifest it. Or maybe you don’t want a life that’s smaller or sparser — you want a life that’s lived on purpose, in all of its bigness and fullness.

But what does any of that look like in the day to day? How do we ensure that we aren’t merely setting intentions but that we’re living our intentions?

Ultimately, our intentions — to pursue our desires and dreams, to do life well, to create space — are just ideas. But systems turn intentions into actions.

Systems give your intentions a voice.

Maybe systems don’t come naturally to you. Maybe systems feel restrictive. Or maybe you shy away from the idea of systems because you’re tired of being treated like a formula — do X plus Y and you’ll receive Z.

You don’t believe in one-size-fits-all programs. You need a program — and systems — that are responsive to you. You need systems that bring freedom, not restriction, to your creative life. You like things that are descriptive, not prescriptive. You want scaffolding, not a rigid blueprint. You want structure that’s adaptive, flexible, and individualized.

If that’s you, I have some things you just might love:
self-study courses   ·   one-on-one coaching   ·   free resources

Self-study courses

dayThe Intentional Day

Leverage your creative rhythms for effective time management


Inside, you’ll find…

  • Why Systems?, a primer on creating intentional systems
  • A 40-page, hands-on, study at your own pace course guide
  • Worksheets for articulating your intentions, mapping your creative topography, and creating your rhythm

When you’re done, you will…

Have a daily, weekly, and/or monthly schedule that’s crafted around your one-of-a-kind creative rhythm — and that feels nothing like a schedule at all.

Buy now ($37)

tasksIntentional Tasks

Elegant task management for business and life


Inside, you’ll find…

  • Why Systems?, a primer on creating intentional systems
  • A 30-page, hands-on, study at your own pace course guide
  • Worksheets for articulating your intentions, creating a task taxonomy, and developing a task storage system

When you’re done, you will…

Have a centralized, sustainable task management system — and a method for wrangling tasks and projects of all shapes and sizes going forward. (Optional bonus: During this program, you may also create a new system for storing both digital and physical files.)

Buy now ($29)

bundleIntentional Systems Bundle

Formerly known as the Narrative Workbook

$49 (save 33%)

Inside, you’ll find…

  • Why Systems?, a primer on creating intentional systems
  • The Intentional Day
  • Intentional Tasks
  • The Intentional Checklist

When you’re done, you will…

Have systems that not only make you crazy efficient but also bring freedom — not restriction — to your creative life. Systems that are your best spokespeople. Systems that empower you to do life on purpose.

Buy now ($49)

pricingIntentional Pricing

Simple, sustainable pricing for service-based businesses


Inside, you’ll find…

  • A short-and-sweet, hands-on, study at your own pace mini-course
  • Worksheets for articulating your intentions and establishing rates that feel right (and work)

When you’re done, you will…

Have a pricing model for both hourly work and flat-rate projects.

Buy now ($5)

checklistThe Intentional Checklist

Printables for daily, weekly, and monthly planning


Includes six styles of daily planning worksheets, two styles of weekly planning worksheets, and two styles of monthly planning worksheets. All worksheets are in PDF format, sized for easy at-home printing (black and white, 8.5″x11″). Print again and again for planning at work and at home!

Buy now ($8)

One-on-one coaching

intensiveIntentionality Intensive

Crafting systems together


How it works:

  • 90-minute one-on-one intensive coaching session
  • In person in Portland, OR, or online via Skype
  • Pre-paid via Paypal and scheduled within the month

After our session, you will…

  • Have new systems — around your time, projects and tasks, business operations, and/or something else altogether — that are crafted around your one-of-a-kind creative rhythm
  • Receive a copy of The Intentional Systems Bundle ($49 value), for future use and reference

Sign up ($350)

Free resources

intentionallyCreating, Intentionally

Be more intentional in your business


Sign up and receive my free workbook, Creating, Intentionally, and learn ten ways to be more intentional in your business. You’ll also receive occasional updates (once each month, max), and you can change your subscription preferences at any time.

this-weekThis Week

My all-time favorite weekly planning worksheet


New! Bring your rhythm and tasks together and see your whole week on one page. Includes space for day-by-day appointments and tasks, meal planning, self-care, weekly tasks, and notes.

Get it!

checklistSample: The Intentional Checklist

Preview my checklist suite


Download one of the daily planning worksheets included in The Intentional Checklist. If you love it and want more like it, you can come back and buy the set of 10 for $8. PDF format, sized for easy at-home printing (black and white, 8.5″x11″).

Get it!